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Petsnippity is your local professional pet grooming service. We come to your door with our fully equipped state- of- the- art mobile grooming van. All we need is your pet.  We service Northern Utah: Bountiful to Ogden. We provide love and care for your pet. Most pets take only one hour to groom.

No exposure to other dogs, diseases, etc. 
One on one service, no cages to cause stress.
Saves delivery and pickup trips to the groomer. Convenient services at your home or office.
No separation anxiety
You are welcome to stay with your pet and watch while we groom.

Your pet will love to be groomed using our services.

Meet Simba. I am a 3 year old Standard Party Poodle.

Want your photos online to show friends and family member. Let us know and we'll take photos and you can have your own login info to give out.

See more of Simba and her Family

Warm bubble bath, Hot & Cold Water for comfortable temperature bathing
Heat & Air Conditioning for comfortable grooming
Generator for all electrical needs
Full size tub
Super Suds System Ensures  a clean, well groomed pet
Shampoo & Conditioner System
Force Dryers
Central Vacuum
Electric Grooming Table
Soothing Music
Clean & Sterile Environment

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